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Social Media

Taking care of your social media strategy, while you take care of running your business

Social Media Strategy

We conduct a deep audit of your
social media marketing strategy and with our insights and your KPIs, we’ll
co-design a roadmap based on audience motivations, and channel opportunities. 

Paid advertisements

We plan, execute, measure and
optimize your marketing performance meticulously.

Content Creation

We write, design, animate and film creative content based on relevant
data and human insights. 


Influencer Marketing

Influencer and blogger engagement programmes.

Social Media Management

From posting to engaging to reporting, we can manage the day-to-day runnings of your channels to ensure a successful presence. Monthly/weekly content plans and more.

Community Management

Making sure that there’s always a conversation flowing between your business and your followers.


With these different filter packages, you can create a consistent Instagram Feed in no time! 


I designed these special packages via Adobe Lightroom which I use to guarantee a beautiful Instagram feed and ensure my photos really stand out.


In the pack, you will find beautiful edits to suit your feed.


  • Light & Airy 

  • Vibrant City

  • Bohemium Summer

  • Natural Indoors

  • Everyday Adventure 

  • Dreamy sunset

  • Moody midnight

  • Food lovers

I have taken into account different exposures in the package design. This way you can always find a preset that suits your photo!


presset example.png
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